That’s just my juvenile acronym for the IRS…it sucks, really. Though I refer to myself as a SAHM (another acronym = stay-at-home-mom), I juggle 4 jobs (and I’m not counting motherhood as one of them). Most of these jobs are contracted work, so I’m considered self-employed. Which means I don’t pay taxes, or social security, … [Read more…]

You may have noticed

That it was almost a year from my first post on this blog (in May of 2006) to the time I actually began to attend to my blog-life in earnest (March 2007). All I can say is: working on this blog was on my list of things to do, and well, it’s a freakin’ long … [Read more…]

Empire Falls…asleep?

Well, currently I am reading Empire Falls for my bookclub (and yes, we do more than drink wine, thank you!) Wow, I don’t plan to have insomnia for the next week while I force-feed this down my literary gullet. It’s ok, the characters are mildly interesting, the plot is mildly escalating, and the setting is … [Read more…]