Rainy Days are for Romance

Novels that is. We’ve had rain here all week long – and soggy grey skies make me want to curl up with a mug of hot tea (or cocoa) and a hot romance novel. It feels so indulgent to lounge around and read. At least when it’s raining, I don’t feel guilty that I should … [Read more…]

The Romance of Tragedy

So, one of my favorite sites posted a magazine article that endeavored to list the most romantic novels of all time and then went on to contest many of the selections; while encouraging suggestions for what should be on the list. I paid my 2 cents, of course – but I am sad to see … [Read more…]

20 minutes/day

Well, the first 20 days have passed and I actually was quite successful – until those last 2 days. Aaargh! Yes, my life is so busy that on Saturday & Sunday, I could not scrape together 20 minutes to work out. Between play performances and baking/wrapping/organizing for my daughter’s 4th birthday party – the weekend … [Read more…]

Small Discoveries

I love the little moments when my daughter, Aishtyn, realizes a truth about the world aound her. It is such a delight to see her use her powers of deduction to discover the way things work. Things that seem so simple and obvious to me are new and fascinating to her, and through her eyes … [Read more…]