Calling all nerds!

To the annual nerd convention video game geek convention Midwest Gaming Classic! As I mentioned recently, the husband is a fan of computers, video games, and all things operated by a joystick…well…most things. So we take a mini vacation to Wisconsin where hubby can indulge in an arcade wonderland – and I can relax in … [Read more…]

It Costs Nothing to Pay It Forward –

– and the rewards are so great! I’m talking about the commerce of compliments. Real ones – not made for personal gain or out of guilt or obligation. Giving someone an honest heartfelt compliment is a wonderful gift…for that person, and for each person they encounter after that, and the people those people encounter. So, … [Read more…]

Yeah! I’m cool!

At least my daughter thinks so. I was so incredibly flattered when, the other day, she came home from shopping with my husband – excited to show me what she bought: a ruffled prairie skirt very similar to the ones I favor in warmer months. “I’m going to dress like you, Mama” she told me, … [Read more…]

Do I dare use Nair?

I have always thought of myself as smarter than the average bear  human…but I never claimed ownership to a healthy serving of common sense. I have a habit of acting before I think, looking before I leap, if you will. Such was the case yesterday, when I was in a hurry to shower and change … [Read more…]

Keeping the 80’s alive.

Hubby is happiest when surrounded by the Golden Age of video games: the 80’s. Pac-Man, Mario, Link – these are his loves. I swear, if he was standing beteen Miss December and a hairy hag with a stack of vintage Nintendo games, there’d be no question whose merchandise he’d be ogling. His lust for all … [Read more…]

Princess College

Yep. That’s where my daughter told us she wants to go: Princess College. “And what will you learn at Princess College?” my husband asks. To which my daughter immediately replies, “The butt shake.” Hm. So this is what our 529 $ is being saved for: butt shakes and tea parties at Princess College. Dear God, … [Read more…]