A moment in literary history.

That’s right folks – today marks the last date in history where Potter fans everywhere will remain in the dark about…well, everything. All the speculation, the predictions, the arguments – it all ends tonight. After the release of book 7 at 12:01 am (I, for one, will be in bed and not in a bathrobe … [Read more…]

When truth is stranger than fiction.

This summer, it seems one of the two bookclubs I belong to has accidentally fallen upon a theme: hiking the Appalachian Trail and encounters with animals (specifically – bears). So far we have read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by … [Read more…]

Summer Love

Though I can’t stand the heat and humidity (it turns me into one hell of a frizzy-haired cranky mess) – and the mosquitoes – oh, THE CURSED MOSQUITOES, I do love many aspects of this brief time each year when life travels both faster and slower at the same time. To celebrate, I am taking … [Read more…]

I heart the Tudors

I really do. Many have an obsession with Will, Harry, Charlie and dear departed Di – but my royal interest zeroes in about 5 centuries ago – I love me some Tudor dynasty. Like most people who are fascinated with that era, my interest is bookended with Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth. I know … [Read more…]

Reviews by A.J.

At the moment, my website consists entirely of this blog – but hopefully I can eventually expand upon it – adding various pieces of interest and categories to appeal to the masses and appease my cluttered brain. Something I’d like to add is a series of music, movie, television, book, and even food reviews done … [Read more…]

I’m a Winnah!

I’ve just won my first ever internet contest! Well, 3rd place actually. And the prize is…the David Hasselhoff autobiography, and a Hoffplane. How, how did I achieve such incredible awesomeness, you ask? With my entry in the SmartBitches LOLHoff contest! Lemme ‘splain: a while back, the Bitchery fell upon a site called LOLcats, which led … [Read more…]