To Buy or Not to Buy

This is of course, a question I ask myself often…as I tend to buy way too much of certain items (in fact, I’ve made a list of the top 10 products I purchase to the point of ridiculousness)…but I am rather let’s say frugal, and will often second guess a purchase I am about to … [Read more…]

The Bluest Eyes EVER

I may be a tad biased; being the mother of the incredible super awesomeness that is my offspring, but I think it’s pretty fair to say that Lil’ G has the most amazing, stop you in your tracks, blue eyes. And for the record, while it’s agreed I may be biased on the sheer awesomeness … [Read more…]

An Idea Made of Awesome that I must Steal (and so can you)

This morning while¬† Miss A was at her gymnastics class and Lil G’ was napping I decided to do some surfin’ on the internets. A chase-a-link-athon brought me to a nice little site about organization. Sifting through, I found an idea I know I have to try. She calls it “pizza box storage.” And that’s … [Read more…]

Some Parenting Don’ts

Don’t leave your baby to play alone for a few minutes in their room while you prepare their bath. Even if the room is “babyproof.” Even if all breakables, small objects/choking hazards/ and possible toxins are out of reach. Even if you are just¬† a few feet away in the adjoining bathroom. Even if it’s … [Read more…]

Organized and Spiffy…aka: Keeping My Magazine Addiction Under Control…AAKA…Preventing the Possibility that Some Day I Will Be One of those Old People Whose House is Buried in Newspaper (or in my case, old issues of Shape, BH&G, and Family Circle…and Parenting, and Women’s Health, and Women’s Day, and Family Fun, and …”

I admit it, I’m a magazine junkie. Back in the day when my heart went pitter-pat for NKOTB (see #53)I would spend wads of babysitting money on TeenBeat, TuttiFrutti, Bop and other glossy homages to the teen idols I so adored. I would pull out the posters to adorn my walls, cut out special articles … [Read more…]

Organic Teething Biscuits Taste Like Dog Food

Just Ask Lil’ G, who tosses them with aplomb as if playing fetch with some imaginary canine. Or ask Lil’ G’s Dada…who, after observing this behavior a few times decided to investigate…and upon tasting said biscuit declared, “Ugh! These things taste like dog treats!” How he knows what dog treats taste like is something I … [Read more…]