Digital Drama and Technical Trauma

I’m having a bad e-day. Like a bad hair day but with all things electrical. 1. My main computer has been wigging out for about a week…the husband will fix it eventually, after all he’s a computer dude – that’s his thing – but that’s also the problem: he’s a computer dude, that’s his thing, … [Read more…]

Px3 Part 2: Party Hats

I found the directions for these amazingly cheap and easy party hats in The Disney Party Handbook by Alison Boteler. You need 3 things: a stapler (well, 4 things if you count the actual staples separately), standard size green tissue paper, and red feathers (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). What made these hats so … [Read more…]

Px3 Part 1

Px3 = Peter Pan Party, but I thought Px3 looked cooler, like a new videogame system or something. The Part 1 is because over the next couple of days (or weeks, depending on how organized I am), I will be posting various bits from Miss A’s recent b-day celebration. We can’t seem to get away … [Read more…]

An Unexpected Proposal (Or…”But That’s Not About Hawaii!”)

Today was our homeschool group’s  Geography Day. Basically, each child/family picks a location somewhere on the earth and puts together a visual and/or oral presentation on it. Lots of interesting places were represented, from Iceland to Okinawa.  Many of the displays included traditional food there were pierogies (btw, did you know how many different ways … [Read more…]