A Magical Little Contest

Readin’ thru the comments over at Artsyville, I happened across mention of a contest, so of course the chance at something free lured me over to a great artsy/mom website that has potential to be a Monday Muse once I pick that back up in December. We Blog Artists is giving away one of their … [Read more…]


You know that feeling you get when you first fall in love, and you have to tell everyone about so-and-so, you just can’t stop talking about so-and-so, you can’t wait to see so-and-so again? Well, I fell in love Saturday night. Don’t worry, the husband was with me…and no, things didn’t get kinky…(though the 2 … [Read more…]

Yes, I am aware…

Yes, I am aware my blog header is still “summer fun” and we have now said goodbye to the first week of November. I plan to have a simply gaw-jus fall banner up before Thanksgiving…I think. Come to think of it, there are many other ways I can finish that sentence: Yes, I am aware … [Read more…]