So I’m Fickle

In November I talked about my love for the recently discovered website, Pandora – in which I was able to listen to music while madly typing my way towards my 50k goal. I loved Pandora, I loved how it introduced me to new artists based on stuff I already liked (hello Frou Frou and Jem … [Read more…]

The Crying Game

Over at the Quiet Life, Monday Muse Miz Booshay was talking about how she cries readily and regularly at movies (me too), how she cried during the first 10 minutes of UP (me too, just saw that with Miss A last weekend), and how, amongst fellow movie criers, when watching Julie&Julia, she was alone with … [Read more…]

The List of Shame

We all have them, those songs that we should probably be too “something” for – too old, too cool, too un-cool, too non-conventional, too mainstream, too whatever..but despite it all, we still love them. Or maybe we know a song is really bad: the lyrics are beyond awful, the singer had enough electronic assistance and … [Read more…]