A Sweet Giveaway

Last Friday I posted a plethora of giveaways flyin’ around cyber space. Guess who won one of them? (say that fast, love those homophones!) Yes, me, I won. One. Of them. Prizes, that is. A little birdie dropped by to tell me that the Miloushka necklace I admired is mine for the taking! Yippee! (This … [Read more…]

Baby Legs Innovations

I was pretty lucky with Lil’ G…aside from all the wonderful things about her health, beauty, brains, etc (no, I’m not biased in my opinion, why do you ask?); and aside from the fact that she is a wonderful go-to-bed-at-nighter and sleeper, I was lucky with Lil G’  because she was born in the same … [Read more…]

Defining One’s Self

Book Binge, a fun review site – is having their annual month long Back-To-School book giveaway. Each day they offer up a selection of novels as a prize – all you have to do is leave a comment to enter. Each day’s prize comes with a different conversational question…today’s was: Were you part of a … [Read more…]

Convertibles and Cuties

As I mentioned in my post about great giveaways last Friday, I recently discovered a fun and fabulous site, Living Locurto, well blogger Amy Locurto also co-blogs (is that a word?) a neat photography site called I Heart Faces.  Each week they post a photo theme and accept entries from all kinds of photographers at … [Read more…]

Singing and Driving

You know those songs that make you tap your fingers on the steering wheel, pump your foot (hopefully NOT the one on the gas/brake) and just sing at the top of your lungs? Love those songs. Love how it makes me feel better, even when I’m stuck in the purgatory of Chicago-land traffic. Sara Barielles … [Read more…]