What You Don’t See

There is a tree in our front yard that turns a bright beautiful yellow in fall. My husband was determined that we get a few pictures of the tree this year so last week I rounded up the troops and we headed outside. And while getting a picture of the tree itself was nice, we … [Read more…]

The Humor of a Second Grader

A snippet of conversation from Halloween decorating a few days ago… The Husband: What do you think of my plan to hang the lights up here? Miss A: I think that’s a bright idea Dada. The Husband: No response as he starts stringing lights Miss A: Did you see what I did there? The thing … [Read more…]

Timeless Play

Ah, the first weekend of fall. The next month will be a whirlwind of activity as we try and cram all the forest walks, corn mazes, pumpkin farms, costume parties, bonfires, and leaf crafts we can manage into one month. Sometimes scheduling all this “family fun” turns into something almost stressful and I need to … [Read more…]