An Idea Made of Awesome that I must Steal (and so can you)

This morning while¬† Miss A was at her gymnastics class and Lil G’ was napping I decided to do some surfin’ on the internets. A chase-a-link-athon brought me to a nice little site about organization. Sifting through, I found an idea I know I have to try. She calls it “pizza box storage.” And that’s … [Read more…]

Organized and Spiffy…aka: Keeping My Magazine Addiction Under Control…AAKA…Preventing the Possibility that Some Day I Will Be One of those Old People Whose House is Buried in Newspaper (or in my case, old issues of Shape, BH&G, and Family Circle…and Parenting, and Women’s Health, and Women’s Day, and Family Fun, and …”

I admit it, I’m a magazine junkie. Back in the day when my heart went pitter-pat for NKOTB (see #53)I would spend wads of babysitting money on TeenBeat, TuttiFrutti, Bop and other glossy homages to the teen idols I so adored. I would pull out the posters to adorn my walls, cut out special articles … [Read more…]