Friday Fast Five: The Snow, The Gym, the Notorious Lil’ G, and why I’m not that into UF

1. If you have read the last few posts o’ mine – you may have noticed the area in which I reside was bombarded with a heckuvalot of snow. And woo-hoo! We are supposed to get more this weekend! I  don’t know where the snow is going to go…but I fear it may still be … [Read more…]

In My Defense…

…so all good intentions aside; my goal to post something here everyday in May has pretty much gone down the…well, you can use your imagination. In my defense, my other goal for May: to wake up every day at 5am and fit in 30-60 minutes of workin’ out before my life as a Mama takes … [Read more…]

My Biggest Fear

Putting aside all the major stuff like anything happening to my family, cancer, car accidents, tornadoes, and what not…my biggest fear in all the world is…are you ready? Wearing a swim suit. In public. I haven’t done it in nearly 10 years…2002 was probably the last time that much of my skin was exposed at … [Read more…]