Mental Vacation

It’s Monday…need I say more? OK…here in the MidWest it’s that nasty “Wintry Mix” weather outside today. You know, that stuff that sounds like a tasty snack but is actually disgusting slush that is extremely unpleasant to walk through. Also, on the family agenda tonight – shopping for new cell phones. (Visiting the phone store … [Read more…]

Friday Fast Five: The Snow, The Gym, the Notorious Lil’ G, and why I’m not that into UF

1. If you have read the last few posts o’ mine – you may have noticed the area in which I reside was bombarded with a heckuvalot of snow. And woo-hoo! We are supposed to get more this weekend! I  don’t know where the snow is going to go…but I fear it may still be … [Read more…]