Names other than Barbie

Is what we have to convince our firstborn to think of – since we found out this morning that… she has her heart set on naming Baby Sister, “Barbie” which we are not too keen on. We’re pretty sure what the first name is going to be, and now just have to decide on a … [Read more…]

Cop-Out Countdown

I’m tired. Really quite exhausted actually. So I’m just feeling too lazy to search the internet galaxy for bizarre bargains to bestow upon your brethren. Instead, I shall gift you with a countdown of my ten most favorite holiday movies (#1 being the absolute most gotta watch movie for Christmas). Pick one off the list … [Read more…]

Gifts for the Mama-to-be

Mary may have an immaculate conception, but she still had to carry that babe around for 9 months before her big night in the manger. So…what gifts might Mary have enjoyed if she was an expectant Mama in the 21st century? Me? I’d be happy with massages, pedicures, and tea – but I though you … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas Gift Idea Day 12: Well, Jesus is the reason for the season, as they say. Which makes this just about the most perfect Christmas gift ever: the Talking Jesus Doll. He talks (including 25 pre-programmed phrases) and comes with his own Certificate of Authenticity…I’m not sure about the walking on water thing – you’ll … [Read more…]

Lillian Vernon Shopping Frenzy

I tried, I really tried to avoid it…but I can’t control myself any longer. Where is there one surefire place to find tacky, useless gifts for all and sundry? Lillian Vernon. Where can you get anything and everything from a toilet seat to a garden gnome personalized? Lillian Vernon. Who resembles, at worst a cult … [Read more…]

Why Jews are Awesome and taking Mental Vacations to a Whole New Level

Hanukkah Present Day 5 1003 Great Things About Being Jewish One of those easy-reading trivia style books that are popular gifts for the holidays. This book lists a variety of reasons why Jewish people kick some major tukis (see yesterday’s post if you’re confused). Including such observations as: “Everyone knows that kosher hot dogs rule.” … [Read more…]