Singers & Liars

Hanukkah Day 3: Shlock Rock Now, I thought listening to the band at my cousin’s wedding perform Men At Work’s Land Down Under in Yiddish was a once in a lifetime experience, but apparently, I can relive the delight of that memory. Their most recent release (the 27th!) includes parodied versions of hits from Green … [Read more…]

Mr. T and Fortune Cookies

Whaaaaaa? You might say. And then you realize – it must be time for the next installment of my super-awesome gift guide! Hannukah (or Hanukkah, or Chanukkah or…) Day #2: Gigantic Holiday Fortune Cookies. Because, who wouldn’t love to crack open a cookie “dotted With Blue And White Sprinkles And Decorated With Torahs, Stars Of … [Read more…]

International Santa

So we have established the fact that Santa only brings one gift to each child since he can’t fit more than that in his sack of presents. (Besides, we want some of the credit, glory, and gratitude of the delight of Christmas morning!) So Aishtyn knows that she asks Santa for the one thing she … [Read more…]

Soon there will be “shour” of us

In the words of Aishtyn, who has issues with articulating the letter “F” (hence, she wears “shlip-shlops,” likes to eat “shrench shries,” and calls people on the “shone”…however she says “flamingo” perfectly clear, so I know the child CAN do it…) anyways, as Aishtyn, says, “soon there will be shour of us.” Yes, that’s right. … [Read more…]