20 minutes/day

Well, the first 20 days have passed and I actually was quite successful – until those last 2 days. Aaargh! Yes, my life is so busy that on Saturday & Sunday, I could not scrape together 20 minutes to work out. Between play performances and baking/wrapping/organizing for my daughter’s 4th birthday party – the weekend … [Read more…]

Small Discoveries

I love the little moments when my daughter, Aishtyn, realizes a truth about the world aound her. It is such a delight to see her use her powers of deduction to discover the way things work. Things that seem so simple and obvious to me are new and fascinating to her, and through her eyes … [Read more…]

Oh, the irony!

Ha-Ha, Ok, so I realize the “I’m Not Fat!” announcement was posted on April Fool’s Day, and yes, the timing could be considered a cruel joke I played upon myself. But no, it’s just a pathetic coincidence, not the first in my life, and assuredly not the last.

Empire Falls…upon a truth.

So I finished Empire Falls this morning. Still don’t like the book, still felt it was in dire need of a good editor, but found that I had to at least give it a C+, rather than the C- I was originally contemplating. The upgrade is due to the well-crafted moments of truth a few … [Read more…]

Major News Flash- I’m Not Fat!

I love that commercial for, I think, Quaker Oatmeal. The one where all the women in it go through their daily routine with a scale chained to their ankle, dragging along behind them, while Willie Nelson croons “You Were Always on My Mind.” I never fail to chuckle with self-deprecating commiseration. As I was looking … [Read more…]


That’s just my juvenile acronym for the IRS…it sucks, really. Though I refer to myself as a SAHM (another acronym = stay-at-home-mom), I juggle 4 jobs (and I’m not counting motherhood as one of them). Most of these jobs are contracted work, so I’m considered self-employed. Which means I don’t pay taxes, or social security, … [Read more…]