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Ghostbusters 1 Dad bought the 2-pack for Daddy-Daughter movie nights and they watched the first one a few weeks ago while I was at a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) playing – you guessed it – Bunco.

Miss A says: I liked this movie a lot. My favorite part of the movie was when Slimer goes into the hot dog cart and eats all the hot dogs in it. There were 3 Ghostbusters and then they hire another dude so there are “shour” of them. There is a ghost driving a taxi. The marshmallow man is funny but when he gets hit with the lasers he gets mad and that was a scary (A.J. now re-enacts the transformation marshmallow man undergoes from happy face to surprised face to angry face – it’s a shame words can’t describe this!) I love the song too, “if there’s something strange in your backyard, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

Drama Mama says: I have actually never seen this movie. It was a favorite of Aishtyn’s Dada when he was a kid so whatever, let them enjoy it together. All I remember from the bits I have seen is a green ghost whose orange teeth make him look like he’s been eating too many Cheetos. I remember thinking that ghost thing (who I guess is the hot dog loving Slimer) reminded me of a horrible late-night movie I saw one night during a slumber party in junior high called BasketCase…anyone ever see that car crash of a film? Also, the image must have stuck in my brain – because when  first started reading (or in my case listening) to the Harry Potter series, I kept picturing Peeves to look like Slimer.

The Final Book in The Harry Potter Series (Note – this is a list of predictions rather than a review).

Miss A says: Harry will go home on the train at the end. Hermione and Ron will not get married, but will ride the train home with Harry.

Snape is a bad guy.

Harry will spend time riding on his broom.

Now, mind you – our reviewer/predictor has only been allowed to see the first movie, and while she has listened to much of the other books on audio, she was often napping during them.

Miss A is also hoping for a cameo appearance of Dumbledore’s “naked time” as seen here.

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Harry Potter Puppet Pals on YouTube – you gotta at least check out her favorites: The Mysterious Ticking Noise and Potions Class.

Drama Mama says: I made my paltry predictions awhile ago – see them here. Having just recently re-listened to the audio version of OOTP in prep for the movie, I am even more convinced that the man in the house is probably right, and my daughter and I are wrong – Snape will most likely turn out to be a good (NOT NICE, but good) guy afterall. Part of what makes me think this is during the mind-reading lessons with Harry, Snape continues to honor the BigV by calling him the Dark Lord and chastising Harry for doing otherwise. Well, if – as Dumbledore feared, the Vman was tuning in to these conversations, if Snape wanted to avoid blowing his cover as double agent to Valdy he would have to put on a performance in Harry’s presence. Also, as hubby points out – JK cleverly leaves Snape out of the big throw down in the Dept. of Mysteries – so we are not allowed to see what side he would be fighting on.

As for the puppet pals – lots of laughs, except for the part where I had to explain to my daughter what “bowels” are. Or would it be what the bowels is? Either way, not my favorite mommy-daughter discussion to date.

Song: Easy by Lionel Ritchie

Miss A says: This song is good, I like it – the man singing, he wants to be free. So, I wanna know – why is he in prison?

Drama Mama says: Wow. At least I know she listens to the lyrics! Something, I’ll readily admit, that is not always a good thing. What I wanna know is – HOW DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT PRISON?

Movie: Ratatouille

Miss A says: It was fun, I liked it! It was great the way the little guy tried to get the rat. It was funny when the rats were cooking in the kitchen. Her favorite parts include Remy’s escape from crazy lady with a shotgun, and when he perfects his marionette technique.

Drama Mama says: I agree, this movie was fun, I probably laughed more than she did. Although there was a moment near the beginning when I almost vomited…in case you haven’t seen it I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll just say it was the part involving a chandelier. I have to hand it to Pixar, they really make some great movies for adults and kids to enjoy alike. Two of my more favorite moments are the “bad juju” line and the moment the chic chef’s eyes stray south when Linguine mentions his “Little Chef.”

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