Some Parenting Don’ts

Don’t leave your baby to play alone for a few minutes in their room while you prepare their bath.

Even if the room is “babyproof.”

Even if all breakables, small objects/choking hazards/ and possible toxins are out of reach.

Even if you are just  a few feet away in the adjoining bathroom.

Even if it’s just for the 30 seconds or so it will take to plug the tub and turn on the tap.

Cuz, trust me – they will find something to get into.

More importantly, don’t leave your baby to play alone  for a few minutes in their room, naked , while you prepare their bath.

Even if they have a red bum and could really use the momentary airing out.

Even if they had just completed a poop and shouldn’t be due for another one until the next morning.

Cuz guess what – they will decide that they do indeed need to poop some more…

and since they’re not wearing a diaper…it ends up on the floor…

and since they’re a baby…it ends up in their mouth.

Yep, tonight, I caught my sweet baby girl in the act of eating her own feces.

After a mild bout of hysteria in which my husband ran upstairs thinking a raccoon must have gotten loose in our house, I had her scrubbed and cleaned. (Don’t tell her big sister I used her toothbrush.)

I don’ t think too much got in her mouth…but concerned, I did a search (ever google  “infant eating poop” before?). Apparently this seems to happen quite often.

At least she wasn’t like the one kid, whose mom discovered him munching on something at the park. She thought it was a woodchip.

It wasn’t.

And speaking of dogs…keep in mind that Lil’ G won’t eat those teething biscuits that taste like dog food. If she’ll eat poop – then I ask you  – what on earth does that say about those teething biscuits?

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