You know the drill – 100 things – big, small, and in-between, about yours truly.

April 2012 ETA: It’s been about 5 years since I made this list…and while most things are still true, a few have changed…you’ll see additional comments where I felt it necessary to update, well – me.

1. I LOVE Star Wars.

2. Seriously, I have a room in my house dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia. We call it the Star Wars Bar. When people come over for the first time, they always assume the collection is my husband’s – but, nope – it’s mine.

3. I don’t like the acronyms “DH” “DD” etc, etc. This is not to say I don’t like people who use these acronyms – that doesn’t bother me – I just prefer not to use them myself.
4. I have, however, been known to use “WTF” “OMG” “OMFG” – even “OMGWTF” in the occasional e-mail, blog post, or message board reply.

5. Whenever I get a sandwich or burger – I always order extra pickles.

6. I take my sandwiches and burgers apart and eat them in layers – bread, veggies, cheese, meat, bread.

7. I actually like all those different flavored varieties of Diet Coke.

8. I did not know what the word masturbation meant until I was 16.

9. I was a tomboy growing up – you couldn’t get me into a skirt.

10. As a tomboy – I broke my leg chicken fighting.

11. I broke my arm climbing a tree.

12. I sprained my wrist slamming it into a wall while paying indoor soccer.

13. From the time I turned 17 to about 23,I went from never wearing a skirt to almost always wearing one.

14. I played rugby in college – the position I played was called the “hooker.”

15. My lucky # is 13.

16. I often associate people with an animal they look like. (“Duck Girl” “Fish eyes” etc). I can’t help it, my mind just does it.

17. I keep these mental associations to myself, of course.

18. I don’t like dark chocolate.

19. I hate watermelon and anything watermelon flavored.

20. I like bananas, but hate anything banana flavored.

21. I am very allergic to cats.

22. Cats love me. Sadistic bastards.

23. I love playing soccer and volleyball.

24. When I was 8 years old, I was on a soccer team called “The Force” double cool – a team named after Star Wars – and we took first place – I still have that trophy somewhere.

25. The summer I was 10, I forced myself to learn how to do the splits. I can still do them (it’s a cool party trick).

26. I hate running, but when I was 14, I forced myself to do it – 16 years later, I’m still running. I don’t hate it anymore, but I still don’t like it. 5 more years later, and I’m STILL doing it. But I’ve switched to HIT running (high interval training) and actually like it much better now – more bang for my buck

27. I am married to a man whose name closely resembles the phrase “huge johnson.”

28. In high school, I dated a guy whose last name was “Dick.” Ran into him at a local Starbucks recently…glad I dodged that bullet!

29. After hating the way my name is spelled for most of my life, I chose to give my own child an unusually spelled name. Both children, actually (had the second after this list was made)

30. I loved my maternal grandmother so much, I would always cry when we left her house after a visit. She lived less than an hour away, and we saw her often (almost weekly)but it never failed, as we pulled away, and I saw her waving, alone, in her window – the tears would start.

31. She died the summer of 2004 – I couldn’t eat for more than 3 days, then wrote her a letter that is buried with her.

32. My daughter’s middle name is in respect for her – I am so blessed she was alive for a year of my daughter’s life. And my second daughter’s middle name is also in respect for her

33. I am blessed to have a mother-in-law who does not try and tell me how to raise my child, take care of my house, myself, or my husband.

34. I hate my short, muscular legs. Which, thanks to grueling Spin with Fran on Fridays, they are even more muscular than ever

35. My husband loves them. Yep – as long as I remember to shave

36. I never had to wear braces or teeth straightening devices of any kind.

37. With teeth and hips like mine, I would have been one lucky bitch in the middle ages.

38. I have only had my hair cut professionally once in my life.

39. I refuse to touch a snake, but I like lizards.

40. For a long time after watching Splash, I believed in mermaids.

41. My parents married right out of high school, and they just celebrated 30 years together.

42. I am a firm believer in nature vs. nurture. Don’t blame your parents for anything – you can take control of your own life and be your own person.

43. Case in point: my Dad’s parents were both alcoholics – my Dad has NEVER had a drinking problem.

44. I hate when people leave their shopping cart sitting in the parking lot.

45. Acts of laziness (like #44, or littering, or parking in a handicap spot when you don’t need it) piss me off.

46. There is nothing quite like sitting outside on a warm summer night with some good friends and good beer.

47. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

48. I read trashy romance novels. Actually, they are not trashy – they are awesome

49. I love to play the Nancy Drew computer mystery games meant for pre-teens.

50. I read the entire Nancy Drew collection when I was in 3rd grade.

51. I was an avid New Kids on the Block fan throughout junior high. (For proof, check out my series of #NewKidsOnTheBlock #TBT posts on Instagram)

52. My favorite was Jordan.

53. My junior high buddies and I pretended to be married to NKOTB (I was, of course, Mrs. Jordan Knight) we would write letters from the band members to ourselves (ex: I would write a letter from Donnie to my friend Jen – Donnie’s wife).

54. I am writing a book based on the romance between my grandma and grandpa. It’s not a romance novel. This project has been shelved until further notice – I still plan to write it, but many other stories are demanding attention first…I know this story will be there waiting for me, I’ll get back to it.

55. I would really enjoy a career as a romance novelist. And am getting closer and closer to that goal each day!

56. I have daydreamed about owning my own teashop. Nevermind – too much work! I can own it and let someone else run it 🙂

57. I love Irish festivals.

58. I have a zillion freckles.

59. My eyes are blue & green and will be more blue than green or vice versa depending on what I’m wearing.

60. My college friends used to call my husband (then boyfriend) Sebastian Bach.

61. His hair is still down to his waist. Still

62. At 13 or so, I made fun of guys with long hair.

63. At 16 – I fell in love with one, and at 24, I married him.

64. I am on an eternal search for a pair of jeans that fits right.

65. This is why I prefer skirts.

66. My husband and I like spending car rides (especially long road trips) listening to Harry Potter on audio-book. We need another series like this, or maybe we’ll start over

67. I am homeschooling my daughter until at least junior high. This only lasted until the middle of first grade

68. My reasons are NOT based on religion or society – I just think the method and manner of learning in today’s public school system is…flawed. Which is why I am thrilled we got into an incredible charter school

69. I was a high school English and Drama teacher.

70. I was raised in a pretty religious home – my parents are Pentecostal.

71. I will never force-feed religion down my own children’s throats.

72. I have come to accept my own set of religious beliefs – yes, there is a “God” and yes – we do have souls – all the extra details (call him God, call him Allah, call him whatever) are mere preferences – and no reason to hate/kill/disrespect another human being.

73. Only 3% of the world’s population are natural red heads. I love being a rare and magical unicorn!

74. If you ever wondered – yes – when it’s a natural red head, it’s red down there too.

75. I have been asked that before. On more than one occasion.

76. I have always wanted to play Lady MacBeth onstage.

77. I’m always cast as the pretty young ingenue.

78. Once, I played the witch in a production of Rapunzel – in a post-show Q&A session, someone commented that I should have been Rapunzel.

79. When we retire – hubby and I plan to sell everything, buy an RV, and travel North America. Nope – we’ll have a fun, sexy car and stay in hotel rooms all over the place

80. I want to learn Gaelic. Still want to learn, and Welsh and French too

81. Celtic accents are an incredible turn-on.

82. The first thing I notice about a man are his hands and eyes. And I am finding the little crinkles men get by their eyes as they age are very sexy

83. My daughter and I have the exact same feet. My oldest does, yes – and while my younger one is JUST LIKE ME in every way imaginable, she does not have my feet

84. Someone combing out your wet hair for you is bliss.

85. I am the oldest of four children.

86. I plan to have 2 children – that’s it. Mission accomplished

87. If, somehow, I end up with red-headed twin boys – they will be named Fred and George. Nope – not happening…maybe grandkids…

88. I love old Errol Flynn movies.

89. I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

90. My dream car is a little black jeep…or a green mustang convertible. Or maybe a classy powder blue convertible…or something obnoxiously expensive

91. Thunderstorms are erotic. Especially now we finally got that one window well in the basement fixed

92. I am not a good liar.

93. To my husband’s eternal amusement, one drink is enough to give me a buzz. Still

94. I have never tried any form of recreational drug, and have never smoked a cigarette. Never

95. I got engaged in New Orleans at the turn of the millennium.

96. I hate sleeping in socks.

97. I prefer open windows to air conditioning.

98. I HATE to lose at anything.

99. I cannot sing.

100. When I was 15 – I held the record for most sit-ups at my high school.