Getting Hot With the Scot

“Sweet, funny, sexy AF, and just a wonderful all around read, Getting Hot with the Scot by Melonie Johnson is a fabulous first time novel and sets the bar high for other up and coming rom-com writers. A definite must read!”

Chris of a Midlife Wife

The lovemaking scenes are electric, but the most revealing moments are outside of bed when Logan and Cassie are laughing with their friends and families. This enjoyable tale gently pokes fun at romance clichés while giving romance readers what they’re looking for.

Publisher’s Weekly

“The first chapter basically sucked me in. It was just so good. The ending of that chapter made me excited. It promised fun. And it delivered, big time!”

Slovenian Bookworm

“American Girl meets Man in a Kilt! This formula is one of my favorite plots and this book did not disappoint…funny with captivating characters!”

Loreal’s Books

Smitten by the Brit

“So if you want to curl up and read a book which promises HEA with a superb connection between the characters this is a book worth picking up. And this author has been added to the list of my favourite Romance Contemporary / Steamy authors list !!”

Somya Sahni of Bookaholic Meets Finance Aficionado

Don’t even get me started on the dashing and chivalrous Theo. Just kidding, I definitely want to talk about one of my new book boyfriends. YES, this book is THAT AWESOME. I already preordered my physical copy, because I need to hold this piece of heaven in my hands.

I Read Ergo Sum

“If Logan had me swooning with his ”lass”, Theo had me with ”love”. “

Slovenian Bookworm