Julia’s life isn’t a romantic comedy…yet.

While her friends wish for meet-cutes worthy of their favorite rom-coms, Julia is ready to give up on love. Swiping right has replaced getting swept off your feet and good old-fashioned romance has become, well, old-fashioned.

When impending layoffs threaten her job at a popular website, love becomes the last thing on Julia’s mind. Until she stumbles upon a resort where guests can live out their romantic comedy dreams: karaoke serenades, nature walks, paintball, and grand gestures galore. A story about this place could be just the thing to impress her boss and land Julia a coveted new position.

With her two best friends in tow, Julia escapes into the world of rom-coms. What she doesn’t expect is a not-quite-meet-cute with an aggressive seagull and an adorably awkward guy named Luke. Among further mishaps involving mistaken identities, a gaggle of corgis, and kisses in the rain, Julia realizes that love is perfectly imperfect—and even better in the real world.