I heart the Tudors

I really do. Many have an obsession with Will, Harry, Charlie and dear departed Di – but my royal interest zeroes in about 5 centuries ago – I love me some Tudor dynasty. Like most people who are fascinated with that era, my interest is bookended with Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth. I know more than my fair share about the lives of these historical figures, and that is why my fancy has been tickled to discover that a sequel to Elizabeth is in the works. Called, The Golden Age – it will focus on the events that lead to the zenith of Gloriana’s reign.  Oh happy day, a movie I can’t wait to see that doesn’t have a wizard, elf, or jedi in it.

I will sincerely miss Joseph Fiennes, who makes my little heart pitter patter faster; but I understand the omission since his character, Robert Dudley, did not play a significant role in the later part of the Queen’s reign. It’s ok, I’ll watch Shakespeare in Love and get over it (he’s better in that movie anyway).

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