A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave.

– Oscar Wilde

They say write what you love to read, and I love a book that can make me laugh. Stories that are smart & funny with a side of sass and a healthy serving of sexy. So that’s what you’re gonna get from me. I am represented by the lovely Pamela Harty of The Knight Agency.

2016 & 2017 RWA GOLDEN HEART® Finalist


Contemporary Romance: Several series in the works, including THE SOMETIMES SERIES, centered on a circle of friends a few years out of college. The stories in this series follow each friend’s journey to her happily ever after, and all the trials and triumphs encountered along the way. Book 1 in the series, SOMETIMES YOU NEED A SEXY SCOT,  is a 2017 GOLDEN HEART® Finalist and was a finalist in  2016  as well. This manuscript also took first place in the contemporary category of the Celtic Hearts Golden Claddagh contest, placed second in the single title category of MoRWA’s Gateway to the Best Contest, tied for second place in the annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Make It Golden Contest , and was a finalist in the single title category for WisRWA’s Fab 5 Contest (under its original title, Sometimes You Need A Hot Highlander.)

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Fab Five Finalist



Paranormal Romance : TO CATCH A FETCH, the first in a quartet of books framed by the pagan wheel of the year. The series follows members of a paranormal research society. This series is sassy, sexy, spooky and silly: paranormal grit matched with contemporary wit. Think of it as “The Ghost Whisperer meets The X Files.” TCAF took first place in the paranormal category for both the Heart of Denver’s Molly Contest and  the Indiana Golden Opportunity contest, and placed third in the annual Make it Golden Contest. For more on this book, visit the To Catch A Fetch website. You can also click on the To Catch A Fetch tag on this website.

Women’s Fiction:  The story of a woman who suffers a great tragedy which leaves her wishing desperately for the ability to go back in time. When her wish becomes reality, the experience helps her come to terms with her pain and teaches her there is room enough in her heart for both grief and happiness,  loss and love.

I am a card carrying (well, there actually isn’t a card, but I do have a little PRO pin) member of RWA and served as the 2014 and 2015 President of the Chicago-North chapter. Currently I serve as advisor to the chapter board and am the Social Media Chair for Chicago-North and was co-head coordinator of the 2016 Fire & Ice Writing Contest. I was the Workshop Coordinator for the 2014 Spring Fling Conference. I also belong to the Windy City, WisRWA, Golden Network, and Contemporary Romance chapters of RWA.

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