Empire Falls…asleep?

Well, currently I am reading Empire Falls for my bookclub (and yes, we do more than drink wine, thank you!) Wow, I don’t plan to have insomnia for the next week while I force-feed this down my literary gullet. It’s ok, the characters are mildly interesting, the plot is mildly escalating, and the setting is mildly imaginative…and I’m mildly nodding off. I think I called the big conflicts of this book while reading chapter 1, and am mainly continuing to read it beause A: I refuse to leave a book unfinished (except for Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse, and I plan to go back and read that one day, damn it!) and B: I just want to make sure my predictions on the heavy-handed but trying to be subtle forshadowing are right. I’ll let you know, but now, I’m going to nap read.

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