That’s just my juvenile acronym for the IRS…it sucks, really. Though I refer to myself as a SAHM (another acronym = stay-at-home-mom), I juggle 4 jobs (and I’m not counting motherhood as one of them). Most of these jobs are contracted work, so I’m considered self-employed. Which means I don’t pay taxes, or social security, or medicare during the year – so they beat it out of me in April.
To appease some of my misery, I have indulged in the petty act of creating new names for the IRS, keep in mind, The “I” does not refer to me, just some faceless employee of the IRS I am unfairly directing my anger towards.
I Really Smell

Internal Rectum Services

Idiot Retention Services

Inbred Rat Sales

Itchy Rental Suits

Ignorant Rude Smarmsters

Intestinal Revulsion Source

Incapable Redundant Shithead

I Reward Stupidity

Please comment and add your own interpretations of this horrid acronym.

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