Small Discoveries

I love the little moments when my daughter, Aishtyn, realizes a truth about the world aound her. It is such a delight to see her use her powers of deduction to discover the way things work. Things that seem so simple and obvious to me are new and fascinating to her, and through her eyes – become interesting for me. What fun to get a chance to experience these discoveries with her. One such moment occurred this morning – Aishtyn has a lust for butter, the girl could eat it as a meal itself, but I insist the stuff be attached to some more substantial item of consumption. This morning it was a warm biscuit, and as she munched away, she said to me, “Mama – sometimes butter melts.” I said, yes, that’s right. Thinking for a moment as she chewed her biscuit, she continued, “But not in the ‘fridgerator’.” I agreed this was true, and asked her why, and she said, “Well, it’s freezing in there!” So we continued to discuss snow in the cold that melts when it gets warm, ice cream, etc. We’re going to do an experiment with ice cubes later today.
Moment of genius? Maybe not, but I sure was proud.

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