2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

No, no – I’m not singing that crappy Paula Abdul song made even crappier by a horrible video with an animated cat – I’m referring to my on-going, everlasting, never ending struggle with my weight. Except instead of “2 steps forward,3 steps back” it’s “lose 3 lbs, gain 5 lbs back.” Seriously – WTF? When this happens I have to move past the “I hate my fat loser-self” mantra and the “all those miles ran and calories counted for nothing” rant, and find a way to try, try again. Yeah, so Yoda may have said there is not “try” only “do, or do not” but, well, I seem to be in the “do not” category. Hmmm…what would the Jedi Master’s weight loss plan look like? He’s already got the personal trainer gig down pat, what with making Jedis-in-training run around swamps carrying him on their shoulders and raising space ships in the air using only their minds. So…the Jedi Diet – maybe I’m on to something here.

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