20 minutes/day

Well, the first 20 days have passed and I actually was quite successful – until those last 2 days. Aaargh! Yes, my life is so busy that on Saturday & Sunday, I could not scrape together 20 minutes to work out. Between play performances and baking/wrapping/organizing for my daughter’s 4th birthday party – the weekend was here and gone before it even got started. Ah well – the question is, do I still give myself the reward I had planned for completing all 20 days? (The reward is new running shoes) I think I may have to go ahead and say yes – yes I shall reward myself. Usually, I am an all-or-nothing girl, and seem to enjoy denying myself if I feel I haven’t worked hard enough or done a good enough job – but, that approach has not been very successful – so maybe going a little easier on myself and accepting a few faults and shortcomings as ok will help me more. So, tomorrow I’m going to start the next round of 20 days – wearing my new running shoes.

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