I Go, You Go, We all Go for Bunco!

Yes, dare I admit it? I play Bunco. While part of me feels like a little old lady in a retirement home, I have to say – it’s a blast! You and 11 other gals get together, drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat all kinds of chick foods that are bad for you (translation – its got lots of chocolate or cheese), talk smack, and play for cash and prizes. It’s a blast. The Mom’s group I belong to started a Bunco night once a month in January, and it is a night I always look forward to. I just hosted this month’s Bunco at my house, and it was a great time. The daughter spent the night at a cousin’s – but poor hubby was sick with a bad cold (that he caught from me) and hid upstairs with his Ipod on. “It wasn’t too bad,” he said, when I asked him how loud we were, “Except I kept hearing a freaking bell ring every few minutes.”

So, yes, I play Bunco. Who knows – maybe I’ll become a BINGO junkie this summer too.

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