Keeping the 80’s alive.

Hubby is happiest when surrounded by the Golden Age of video games: the 80’s. Pac-Man, Mario, Link – these are his loves. I swear, if he was standing beteen Miss December and a hairy hag with a stack of vintage Nintendo games, there’d be no question whose merchandise he’d be ogling.

His lust for all things 16-bit (is that a vintage video game term?) makes it easy to buy presents, and with the help of e-bay & Hot Topic, I have managed to score some pretty cool gifts for him in the past: a pac-man lunchbox, phone, t.v. tray, DK toys from Japan, vintage collector’s cards – to name a few.

For something special for his b-day this year, my daughter and I plotted to come up with a surprise – a Nintedo themed cake: my daughter chose the character: Mario! A friend of mine who runs her own cake business created it for me, and IMO, she did a great job! So now we have to decide what next year will be, Link or Donkey Kong? Hmmmm.
Drumroll please…here it is: the awesome Super Mario Bros. Cake!

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