I’m joining the ranks –

Of Harry Potter fans who have made the jump and posted predictions about what will happen in Book 7. I can honestly say these are my own thoughts, which I did not beg, borrow or steal from another site. To be honest, other thank J.K.R.’s own site, I have never been to a Harry Potter site!

I did however, just finish reading the book of predictions published by mugglenet.com, which is apparently THE Harry Potter fan site. Can you believe I borrowed this from my MIL? Or, more accurately, hubby borrowed it, and after that, I just had to read it too.

It was a fun little book – I was quite impressed by the main author/webmaster of mugglenet – who started the 20 million hit/month website when he was 12! The kid was homeschooled, which is quite encouraging for my plans to homeschool my own kids – til middle school at least. Anyways, aside from sounding like a 5-paragraph structured high school research paper, the chapter breakdowns, musings, and, of course – predictions were interesting. Most of the arguments and debates my husband and I have had over the books were included. I have never read a HP book, exactly – I’m holding out to buy my first books for when it comes out in a COMPLETE box set. But I have listened to all 6 books on audio, a really awesome way to spend long drives, or painting your house, or working out – reader Jim Dale is INCREDIBLE!!! If you are an HP fan, and have not listened to the audio versions yet, I highly recommend giving them a try. Listening to the books together with the husband would spark lots of discussion, and it was neat to see someone else offer thoughts on these same topics.

With that being said, I still came away with a few thoughts and ideas that were not specifically mentioned in the book – which leads me to the actual topic of this post MY OWN HARRY POTTER PREDICTIONS FOR BOOK 7 (bum-bum-bum…….):

My main one deals with the debate raging over whether or not HP is, himself, a horcrux. I say he is…but here is the catch – Harry himself is not a horcrux, but his scar is. I think that it is the scar itself that holds a piece of big bad V’s soul, and by destroying that horcrux, Harry will lose the scar that has marked him as “the boy who lived” and finally, he will be able to live his own life, free from the mark of Voldemort (both literally and figuratively).

Another prediction I have actually came to me while I was reading the mugglenet prediction book: in it they ponder how Dumbledore came to be in possession of James Potter’s invisibility cloak, and why Dumbledore had that strange look of triumph in his eyes when Harry tells him how Voldemort regenerated himself with Harry’s blood to circumvent the magic of Lily’s love. I think Dumbledore was there the night Lily & James died: he either arrived on the scene in the invisibility cloak as Voldemort was killing Lily, or he came soon after – searching the remains of the house for clues (and perhaps finding the cloak). That’s where he was while McGonnagall was watching the Dursley house as cat sentinel, and where he was coming from when he arrived that evening. This will be important because – A: if he was there at the time Lily was killed – he either played a role in stopping V from killing Harry, or saw something that leads him to think Voldemort’s regeneration won’t be the success he thinks. or B: if he went to the house to search for clues afterwards – perhaps he found evidence that led him to the same conclusion – by regenerating using Harry’s blood, Voldemort has somehow made a fatal error. Either way, I believe Dumbledore made an appearance at Godric’s Hollow that fateful night, and it will play a role in book 7.

As for some of the biggies: will Harry die (I say no) is Snape a “good” guy (I say no, hubby says yes – and he’s probably right), and is Dumbledore truly dead (again, I say no, and hubby says yes, and he’s probably also right about that.)

Until July – when we can gorge ourselves on Harry Potter mania!

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