Do I dare use Nair?

I have always thought of myself as smarter than the average bear  human…but I never claimed ownership to a healthy serving of common sense. I have a habit of acting before I think, looking before I leap, if you will.

Such was the case yesterday, when I was in a hurry to shower and change so the fam could go out for dinner. My husband is rather particular about my legs – God bless the man for thinking they are sexy – but if they are even slightly stubbly, he runs screaming. If I could afford it I’d get laser treatment in a heartbeat – but anyways – I decided to try some Nair cream – hoping it would help speed things along…I was in a hurry and really didn’t rinse my hands too well before moving on to washing my hair…when suddenly it dawned on me, I may be washing my hair with a HAIR REMOVAL PRODUCT!!! I quickly rinsed my head, scoured my hands, and began pulling on strands to test for damage. Images flashed through my mind – I could see myself emerging from the shower…bald, my hair in wads on the tub floor.

Thankfully, the crisis was averted – it’s a good thing that stuff doesn’t work all that well in the first place, I had to do a quick shave after the Nair – but I admit, my legs were silkier than usual. Luckily, my scalp was not.

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