Calling all nerds!

To the annual nerd convention video game geek convention Midwest Gaming Classic! As I mentioned recently, the husband is a fan of computers, video games, and all things operated by a joystick…well…most things.

So we take a mini vacation to Wisconsin where hubby can indulge in an arcade wonderland – and I can relax in the hotel spa.  Smart move to host this thing at a hotel with a spa and pool! Those video game guys may be nerds – but they understand that a nerd’s wife needs to be kept happy too.

They just posted some video clips from last year’s dorkfest  event: and if you check out the first clip, you can see hubby and daughter enjoying some video game bonding time. To preserve your sanity, you can speed thru the nerdage to 1:00 – where they’re at. Or maybe you like that horrid music and all the nerd footage – maybe you do.

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