It Costs Nothing to Pay It Forward –

– and the rewards are so great! I’m talking about the commerce of compliments. Real ones – not made for personal gain or out of guilt or obligation. Giving someone an honest heartfelt compliment is a wonderful gift…for that person, and for each person they encounter after that, and the people those people encounter. So, in a way – there is some personal gain to be had by complimenting someone in such a manner: the glow of satisfaction in knowing you have made at least one person’s day better…and possibly many, many more.
This whole thought came to me because today I was shopping with my daughter at “The Circle Store” (also known as Target). A woman came up to me and told me she loved my outfit – that I looked really beautiful and could be a model. She said it so sincerely, it was just so sweet of her, and it really made me feel beautiful too! I’ll probably never see that woman again – but she gave my confidence a much needed boost and put me in a better mood. Thanks lady in Target!

So go ahead – tell a stranger they have beautiful eyes, great taste in shoes…whatever! Sure, they might think you are a crazy weirdo, but they’ll still appreciate it!

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