Why I Feel Like 1 of the 3 Little Pigs

Reason #1: Well, apparently the gazebo I was looking forward to enjoying all summer long is the house of sticks. Last Thursday night, the big bad wolf (aka – 80 mph winds) blew through, and by 2am his huffing and puffing left my gazebo in a broken pile on the ground.
Reason #2: I’m a porker. Give me a curly tail already for chrissakes – seriously. I have been trying so hard to get down to, at least, my pre-pregnancy weight, and instead – I have gained another 15 lbs since last year…it’s enough to make me want to bust my own porkchops. I don’t even eat porkchops, or ham, or sausage!

So – I’m kind of enjoying wallowing in an “I really hate me” moment…but now that I’ve blogged about it, I can kick myself in my piggy backside and do something about it. See ya – I’ve got to go workout some more; then see if a blowtorch can do something to my gazebo…other than set it on fire.

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