Stuff That Puts Me in A Good Mood

So, I was pretty upset about the whole gazebo debacle, etc – but yesterday I had a very unexpected surprise when my Dad delivered a brand new gazebo to my back yard – and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I tried to convince him to take it back to the store – that it was too much, etc – but he wouldn’t listen, and at one point said, “Would you just let me do this for you?!!?” Well, that was it – what could I say? Being a parent now myself, I understand where he’s coming from…I would do anything to make Aishtyn happy – and bringing her joy brings me double the joy – so, I shut my mouth and gave him a big hug. I plan to make sure he enjoys Father’s Day relaxing in the new gazebo, playing with his granddaughter. Thanks Papa Bear.
Anywayz – with the new gazebo and some kick-ass workout time yesterday, the world is a better place – and now I want to tell you about some other stuff that just makes me happy.

THIS VIDEO – yeah, it’s Kelly Clarkson, but the song rocks, and the video cracks me up every time.

Monday Margaritas at Tacos El Norte.

Finding a dress that looks great on me and is CHEAP.

Manicures and Pedicures.

When my daughter does something silly, weird, brilliant, new (so basically, anything that doesn’t involve whining, though even that can make me laugh sometimes).

A look from my husband that lets me know he thinks I’m sexy.

A nap in the afternoon.

A really well-brewed cup of iced coffee.

There are lots more harbingers of happiness, of course – but it’s good to know that next time I have an “I Hate Me” moment, I can get an Iced Coffee at Starbuck’s and go for a pedicure.

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