I’m a Winnah!

I’ve just won my first ever internet contest! Well, 3rd place actually. And the prize is…the David Hasselhoff autobiography, and a Hoffplane.

How, how did I achieve such incredible awesomeness, you ask? With my entry in the SmartBitches LOLHoff contest! Lemme ‘splain: a while back, the Bitchery fell upon a site called LOLcats, which led to the development of LOLHunks, which, eventually, bred the contest for LOLHoffs. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but scouring the web for pics of Hoff and other “hunks,” photoshopping bad grammar and tasteless sexual advances onto them, and then releasing them onto an unsuspecting public is just delightful – and completely addictive.

In case you missed it – here’s my winning entry, in all its awesome glory:

There’s a back story to this, some inside humor if you will – that has to do with this guy, Tony Catanzarno (and here, I shall give you some examples of LOLhunks):

Basically, the Bitchery poked a bit of fun at Tony for claiming that a novel’s great sales were due to his great abs (the great writing had nothing to do with it, of course). A big ol’ debacle ensued that culminated with Mr Tony (or some web-troll posing as him) threatening to lock the girls who run the site in the trunk of his caddy and dump them off the interstate somewhere.

Since then, the trunk joke has lived happily evah after.

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