Having Kids Wreaks Havoc on One’s Body Image

I’m not talking about the process of carrying, delivering, and breastfeeding a child (though, God knows that does enough damage to your body to make anyone wear unrelieved black from head to toe).

No. What I’m referring to is the unabashed, unwelcome observations that children (a certain 4 year old red head in particular) make about other people’s appearances.

This morning, as I was getting dressed, my daughter informed me that my backside was, “Thiiiiiis big.” Her arms stretching as far apart as they could go, like So Big of Edna Ferber fame.

Granted, I am not the only person to suffer the slings and arrows of her perusal. The following includes statements she has made to others about their appearances (I have omitted names to protect any sense of vanity said individuals may have left).

– “You have big tummy.”

– “Whoa, your belly jiggles.”

– “Your belly button is big and hairy, that’s silly.”

So, while I appreciate my daughter’s open honesty – there are still some things I’d prefer she keep to herself… and how big she thinks Mommy’s tushy is – well, that’s certainly one of them.

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