Summer Love

Though I can’t stand the heat and humidity (it turns me into one hell of a frizzy-haired cranky mess) – and the mosquitoes – oh, THE CURSED MOSQUITOES, I do love many aspects of this brief time each year when life travels both faster and slower at the same time.

To celebrate, I am taking note of the things I love about the summer season:

1. Big puffy white clouds in a brilliant blue sky.

2. The smell of meat grilling on the BBQ.
3. Sitting on a blanket in the grass, reading a book on a sunny, breezy afternoon.
4. Dinner & Drinks with friends on an outdoor patio at dusk.
5. Sand volleyball followed by margaritas.

6. The days are longer, but the workdays are shorter (and, for me anyway – there are far less of them!).

7. Taking my daughter to the theme park.

8. Hearing my daughter laugh as she runs around a spray park.

9.ย  Zoos, parks, and festivals.

10. Ice cream, cherries and strawberries.

Granted, I get to enjoy some of these more often than others – but I hope to enjoy them all as much as I can.

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