A moment in literary history.

That’s right folks – today marks the last date in history where Potter fans everywhere will remain in the dark about…well, everything. All the speculation, the predictions, the arguments – it all ends tonight. After the release of book 7 at 12:01 am (I, for one, will be in bed and not in a bathrobe turned wizard’s outfit elbowing some 9 year old out of the way at my local Borders)  the period of time in which fans could see the story unfold along with the characters; not knowing the ending any better than they did – will be over forever. Like the knowledge of Luke Skywalker’s parentage – it’s all dramatic irony from here on out.

I’m off to see the movie version of OOTP (book 5 to all you not in the know) tonight – I’m hoping the super crazies will all be wiping their salivating mouths with their red and gold striped scarves, dancing, shaking and convulsing because they refuse to go pee – even after drinking several cups of coffee in order to stay awake during their 15 hour wait in line, just so they can be among the first TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if some prat (I like that word) grabbed a book, turned to the end, and just yelled at the top of his lungs, “My God – you mean Harry actually DIES?!?!”

How many hardcover editions of Book #7 will he have to be hit with before he dies, or at least goes into a coma?

If you are among the throngs of HP readers, but prefer to keep your interest private (like your secret enjoyment of Barbara Streisand or something) than this might interest you. 

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