If you don’t believe in Murphy’s Law – have some kids.

You’ve at least heard of Murphy’s Law, right?

Well, if you have somehow managed to get through life without finding cause to believe this theory is correct, all you have to do is have children. I promise you – you will never doubt the veracity of this adage ever again.

Case in point – some recent examples from my own life:

Murpy’s Law of Parenthood #1:

Your child never sleeps in and is always awake by 6am. No matter how much you really need the sleep, you are dragged, pushed, kicked, rolled, and generally wheedled out of bed before 6:30. HOWEVER, if you are blessed with an odd burst of energy and are awake and hell, even dressed before 6am – your child will snooze past 8.

Murphy’s Law of Parenthood #2

At a friend/relative’s house your child tries a new food and loves it – she can’t seem to eat enough of it. Excited by the prospect of extending her dietary horizons beyond chocolate milk and cheese crackers you race to the store to stock up. The minute you attempt to serve the same beloved item at home it becomes a detested lump of uneaten slop.

Murphy’s Law of Parenting #3

Your child is happily amusing herself with a toy, puzzle, or tv show – the last thing they want is your attention. UNTIL you decide you’d like to: go the bathroom, take a shower, get some cleaning done, take a nap, or make out with your spouse. Then your offspring comes running, demanding your complete and 100% undivided focus.

Any you would like to add?

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