A collection of collections

That’s kind of what we have in our house – both hubby and I have a habit of collecting things…and it seems to be rubbing off on our daughter whose collection of princess dresses and littlest pet shop toys is awe inspiring. For starters, there’s our Star Wars room: in which we converted our dining room into a mini-museum of Star Wars memorabilia. Then there is hubby’s office – which is in itself a tribute to video games: with altars to LOZ, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man

The good news about this mania for multiple items under a single theme is that it makes gift-giving a fairly easy process: all I have to do is search e-bay for Pac-Man paraphernalia and presto! I find some fun gifts (in the past, this has included many vintage 80’s items like: a pac-man shaped phone, lunch box, tv tray, card game, wind-up doll, mugs, and glassware.)

One of the collections in our house started quite by accident: my collection of music boxes/snow globes. Way back in the day when hubby and I had our first Christmas together, one of his gifts to me was a snow globe of two cute little mice in a bubble gum machine. The following Christmas I asked for another snowglobe – and a trend was born. Every Christmas since, he has bought me some tye of snowglobe / music box – often having some significance for what happened during the course of that year. For example, the year I directed Alice in Wonderland, he got me an Alice & Cheshire cat snowglobe. The year our daughter was completely addicted to Lilo & Stitch he got me a Lilo snowglobe. I have a curio cabinet I keep my treasures in, and it’s a fun way to mark our years together and each one is special; they’re not just dust collecting knick-knacks.

This year – with the culmination of the Harry Potter series – I would really like to have a Harry Potter themed snowglobe. So, honey – here’s my official wish request! Check out my two favorites: the Hedwig one and the Hogwarts train. Don’t worry, I’ll still act surprised on Christmas morning…I always do.

Oh, and our daughter would like this for her collection.

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