Karma Chameleon Part II

No, no, Boy George didn’t go and do a sequel/remake of his original…at least, I hope not don’t think so. This is a follow-up to my last post about good karma and bad karma, and how some people just suck. Well, not everybody sucks – and finally, at last – in some small way the universe is recognizing my innate goodness, and helping restore my faith in humanity…or at least reinforce my belief that while there are some major jerks out there, there’s a lot of nice, decent people too. Tonight, while I was out taking my daughter trick-or-treating (another opportunity to observe the best & worst of humanity: people out laughing and talking with neighbors sharing the fun of the holiday / and kids who don’t dress up in costumes, but take advantage of the moment by scavenging the neighborhood and, if some fool was careless enough to leave a bucket of candy on their porch, take it all and run – screw the next little kid who passes by) anyways – so while I was out t-or-t with Aishtyn, my boss from the high school dropped of a little gift. It was a digital camera! When I called her to say thank you, she said she couldn’t take the credit – that she was just the delivery girl. Well, all I can think is that one of the kids from my show – the one I was directing when the original camera was stolen – knew about my plight (how could they not, in desperation I asked everyone and anyone if they had seen it or knew anything about it) and decided to help me out. I was taken by complete surprise by this thoughtful gesture. I hope they didn’t go to too much trouble or cost, and that this camera was an extra one they haven’t used in awhile. Either way, whatever the circumstances, I appreciate it very much and am happy to know that people who like to do something nice for the sake of doing something nice are out there doing nice stuff. Thank-you, whoever you are, and may your act of kindness come back to you in a big ol’ special way.

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