Soon there will be “shour” of us

In the words of Aishtyn, who has issues with articulating the letter “F” (hence, she wears “shlip-shlops,” likes to eat “shrench shries,” and calls people on the “shone”…however she says “flamingo” perfectly clear, so I know the child CAN do it…) anyways, as Aishtyn, says, “soon there will be shour of us.” Yes, that’s right. Johnson # 4 is on his or her way.

I start my 2nd trimester on Monday, and wanted to wait to make the announcement until I got past that first tricky trimester. We’re all excited and happy – and things are going well overall – I got lucky with Aishtyn and was hardly ever sick, but this one has had me feeling queasy morning, noon, and night (tell me again why they call it morning sickness?). Hopefully, as I move into this next trimester the nausea and severe headaches and exhaustion will pass.

Aishtyn can’t wait to be a big sister – at first she refused to believe that it could be anything other than a baby sister that we would name “Barbie”(another discussion all in itself), but now she has come to accept that whether it is baby sister or brother – Aishtyn will be the all-important big sister and s/he will love her very much.

Of course, now comes the constant, “I have a baby in my tummy too” conversations and the “Does Dada have baby in his tummy?” ah, such interesting, creative answers – I try to stick as close to the truth as possible without crossing into TMI land.

Went for the first appt about a month ago – and wow, I didn’t know they did this now – but they do an ultrasound that first visit, and I got to see tiny Baby Johnson’s body and heartbeat right there on the screen. Yep, just one in there, so no red-headed twins named Fred & George. (Though the Dr. did think he was being funny when he first flipped on the screen and started counting more than one…whatever, I guess you gotta take your laughs where you can in that profession).

So here you go – the very first look at Baby Johnson#2, estimated arrival date in early May.

And in case this looks like some ink blot test, I added some info:

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