International Santa

So we have established the fact that Santa only brings one gift to each child since he can’t fit more than that in his sack of presents. (Besides, we want some of the credit, glory, and gratitude of the delight of Christmas morning!) So Aishtyn knows that she asks Santa for the one thing she wants more than anything else. This year it is a pair of Charlie and Lola dolls. They are characters from a UK book series that has been turned into a cartoon series that the Disney channel picked up. Fortunately, the books and DVD’s are widely available in the U.S. Unfortunately, the toys are not.  So what to do? Currently the British pound is worth more than 2x the U.S. dollar, which means at Amazon uk, the dolls are selling for $30, and that’s before the cost of air mail. I’m finding them somewhat cheaper on e-bay, and will go that route if I have to, but first I tried something unconventional (it was my husband’s idea). At first we thought we’d ask a close friend of ours who has several relatives in England buy the dolls and ship them over, but then we thought about it and decided it was safer not to go that route, since we’d probably end up with a box of British ale and porn instead. So hubby suggested I post a question on one of the message boards I frequent that has several girls who live in the UK. I thought that was a great idea, since recently when a new book was released many of the American girls shipped books across the pond to those who would otherwise have to wait a few more months for the release. So I posted my request and will see what happens – worse case, I buy the dolls off e-bay.

The things you do for your kids, hell, I’m wearing fairy wings right now. I’m serious, she wanted me to put on a pair so I did. Yep, picture me sitting here in my pj’s typing away with a pair of pink glittery fairy wings on. Well, maybe you don’t want to picture that.

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