Happy Hannukah! and 20 shopping days to Christmas.

That’s right, I am one of those lucky few to celebrate both these December gift-giving (& receiving!) holidays. My mother’s side of the family is Jewish, so we celebrate more out of tradition and respecting/preserving our heritage than anything else. Christmas is still the big deal around here. Growing up our house was the one ablaze with Christmas lights and Santa on the roof…and a GINORMOUS Star of David made out of sparkly lights in the window.

So let the countdown begin! For each of the 8 days of Hannukah I shall feature a wonderful gift that is either excessively cheesy-Jewish-kitsch, or something my Nanny would have loved (which may fall under category #1 anyway).

And from now until Christmas Eve, I shall feature some of the more outrageous ideas for gift giving in celebration of Jesus’ b-day that I can find.

L’chaim! Let the fun begin.

HANNUKAH PRESENT Day#1: Latke Larry: The Singing Hannukah Doll – featuring the voice of Jerry Stiller (perhaps better known as creator of the manzier and father to George on Seinfeld). Happy Festivus you zany old goat.

Christmas Gift Idea #20: The Rubberband Shooter. My husband told me about this one – first listed on 2007’s most dangerous toys – it’s a series of guns that – you guessed it – shoot rubberbands. Now what could be so dangerous about that? My favorite model is the Double Dawg Hawg – for the cute lil’ redneck in your life. Shoot your eye out? Yeah, if you’re lucky that’s all the damage this brilliant example of moronic marketing will inflict.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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