Hanukkah Ham & Do It Yourself Reindeer Poop

Hanukkah Present Day 4:  A Hanukkah Ham!!!    You may be thinking, “Well, what could be wrong with a perfectly nice ham for the holidays?” Apparently this was the same thought of a fancy food store in Greenwich Village NY, who posted signs advertising that their hams were “Delicious for Hanukkah!” Someone finally took mercy and notified them that, um, Jews don’t eat pork. Then they ran to the media laughing their tukis off.

Christmas Gift Idea Day 17: Make your own Reindeer Poop  When I was a kid, if you were naughty you got coal in your stocking (I remember one year my Mom actually did it to my brother…he got his gifts later that morning, but she let him sweat a little first – hey, the kid deserved it). I guess like everyone else, Santa is getting more environmentally friendly, and instead of coal he leaves Reindeer droppings for naughty girls and boys. The site includes instructions how to make your own poop (malted milk balls) and even provides a poem you can include with your crappy gift.

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