Why Jews are Awesome and taking Mental Vacations to a Whole New Level

Hanukkah Present Day 5 1003 Great Things About Being Jewish One of those easy-reading trivia style books that are popular gifts for the holidays. This book lists a variety of reasons why Jewish people kick some major tukis (see yesterday’s post if you’re confused). Including such observations as: “Everyone knows that kosher hot dogs rule.” and ” Where else does a 13-year-old get to say, “Today, I am a man”?”

The thing is – if the person receiving your gift is truly Jewish, they’ll say, “What? Only one thousand and three?”

Christmas Gift Idea Day 16 Your own tropical island. Ok, for the price, I was expecting to actually get an island of my own, you know a teeny tiny one somewhere out Papua New Guinea way? Or at least a vacation on an island where I am the only one there. But no, for $8,000+ you can get a hammock and some fake trees that will “mist you on a hot summer day.” They don’t accept returns on this product for any reason, which doesn’t surprise me a bit – cuz I suspect Buyer’s Remorse sets in pretty darn quick on this island.

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