Lillian Vernon Shopping Frenzy

I tried, I really tried to avoid it…but I can’t control myself any longer. Where is there one surefire place to find tacky, useless gifts for all and sundry? Lillian Vernon. Where can you get anything and everything from a toilet seat to a garden gnome personalized? Lillian Vernon. Who resembles, at worst a cult leader, and at best the wife of a philandering televangelist? Lillian Vernon. So to cover 3 days of shopping in a row, here are:

Hannukah Presents Days 6,7 & 8:

I’m devoting 3 days to presents for that oh so special one on every Jewish Mother’s list: her sweet little JAP. For the Jewish American Princess in your family, some gifts that are sure to please…for a few hours at least.

* Pink Leopard Diva Traveling Suitcase (Personalized, of course). Nope – I didn’t make up this title.”Pink,” “Leopard,” and “Diva” are all part of it.

* Diva Charm Bracelet There is a Princess version, too. Better get both to cover your bases.

* Rhinestone Dog Charms Cuz what Diva/Princess isn’t complete without her little doggie? And doggie needs his accessories, doesn’t he? Yesh he does, oh yesh he does.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Days #15, 14, & 13:

* Big Belly Santa Candy Dish – it’s a merry old time for St. Nick when you rummage around inside his pants for something sweet.

* Golf Ball Rack – For the man who has always longed to put his balls on display.

* Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser – For when you really wanna get tanked.

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