Diabetic Dogs Need Gifts Too

So, I’m a bit backlogged on the present list here…things have been a tad hectic – and one of the main issues I’ve been dealing with is a sick canine. I am a dog owner – I just have never had the dog I own live with me…when I bought the dog I was in college, then the apartment my husband/then fiance and I lived in didn’t allow pets, and once we moved, my husband put his foot down…hard – NO PETS. This was not an easy thing for me to accept, I love that little dog – I paid for her and continue to cover her medical expenses – but I don’t get to enjoy the benefits (ie – cuddle and playtime). I understand his reasons: the poop, the noise, the mess, the dog hair, the poop. So I bowed to his wishes and luckily, my family is loving and easygoing and continued to give my dog Thisbe a home.

Since my family is doing me a favor, I can’t be too picky – that is I can’t get upset that they don’t walk her more often, or brush her teeth, or feed her a proper diet. The last one has ended up causing some major trouble. My family is not known for their healthy eating habits – family pets included. Aside from a variety of table scraps and treats – the dogs in their house have never had a set eating schedule – it was whenever somebody remembered, and the food would sit out for the dogs to chow on continually. So it is really no surprise that my cute little Pommeranian turned into a watermelon on toothpicks.

Her weight has ended up causing the same problems it does in many humans – apparently, my dog has diabetes. Yep – after a few days of her being very ill, she was taken to the vet and test results showed blood sugar levels that were off the chart. So now the dog needs daily doses on insulin injections – 2 in fact, and a carefully regimented diet that allows her to eat only 2 x a day, and food should not be left out. I hope my family can handle it, I have my doubts, to be sure – but I know they love the dog and want her to be healthy, so we’ll see. I know it’s a lot to ask of them and if it turns out they just can’t handle it, I may be in the doghouse with my hubby when I beg, cry, and beg some more to let the poor little diabetic fluffball come live with us.

In the spirit of pets, and the crazy things people do for their pets sometimes, I shall dedicate a series of gift ideas for pets – and get caught up to date with my list. FYI – while I may go so far as to buy my dog insulin and give her shots, I may even buy her a dog bed and a few toys – I don’t think I would fall into the category of people who would purchase any of the following items – the word for such a person is…eccentric if you’re kind – and loony if you’re not.

Christmas Gift Ideas Days 11, 10, & 9:

Dog Toilet Water Bowl: I guess this falls under the category, “If you can’t beat them join ’em.” If you can’t get your dog to stop drinking out of the toilet, just buy him his own. Maybe it’s better pet owners such as these don’t have kids. What would they buy then? Garbage Can snack trays? For the toddlers who won’t stop eating things in the garbage?

Cat Butt Magnet Set: OK – this one falls under WTF? The caption says, “Everybody loves cat butts!” They do? All I could think when I saw this was I wonder if this could be considered kitty porn.

Super Pet Chopper: “Who’s motorcycle is this?” “It’s not a motorcycle, it’s a chopper.” “Who’s chopper is this?” “Zed’s.” “Who’s Zed?” “Zed’s a hamster, baby. A hamster.” That’s right – now your fuzzy little rodent can have his own hot set of wheels. And if he prefers something a little less rebel – there’s a red convertible or race car complete with it’s own race track.

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